3pcs Mobile Phone Screen Wipe

Color:  Pink
Qty:  3pcs


Keep Your Phone Screen Squeaky Clean All Day!

Conveniently remove dirt and residue from your phone screen by using the ScreenClean. The ScreenClean is your handy macaron-shaped widget with a cleaning in the middle.

The cleaning cloth itself is made with microfiber material that picks up every bit of dirt with ease. Plus, you can hang it on your phone or bag so that it"s within reach whenever you need to clean your phone.

Effectively Clean:

Mobile phone screen and glasses lens are easy to adhere to dust and fingerprints and need to be cleaned frequently. This Screen cleaning brush can quickly and effectively clean the dust and fingerprints, the screen and lens are clean and bright after brushing.

Small & Portable:

This screen cleaner is small and portable, and can be carried around, which is convenient for you to use anytime and anywhere. Cute macaron design, and can be hang on your phone or key ring as a decoration, or put into your pocket, very easy to carry.

Repeated Use:

It is suitable for cleaning mobile phone screen, eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lens etc. Both sides can be used, the cleaning cloth can be washed, reusable and longer service life.


It is not only a cleaner but also a decoration. Bracelet hook design, can be used as an ornament to hang on mobile phone, key ring, backpack etc. Dust plug design, protect the phone hole, play the role of dust protection.


Material: PP+Silicone

Color: Pink, Blue, Green, Khaki

Weight: 10g

Size: 35x16mm

Package Includes: 3pcs*Cleaning Brush