Car Dashboard Anti-Slip Mat

Color Name:  black
Pieces:  1pc



1.Anti-Slip Dashboard Mobile Phone holder stand, simple structure and easy installation. 
2.UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - It can be used for almost all Smartphones
3.It is suitable for different types of car. It keeps your cell phone and small things stable and safe.
4.Function-This product uses multi-function devices. Car phone holder / car storage pad / vehicle temporary parking card / mobile navigation bracket
5.Using high-quality materials, long service life


Product Material: PVC 
Product size: about 25 * 18 cm (cell phones of all sizes can be placed)  (Due to the manual measurement, there will be an errror of 1-2 cm.)
Suitable for Vehicles: Universal 

Installation method: Directly place it On the dashboard 

Parking Number Installation: cut the footmark number with scissors and put the cut number in the number slot one by one. 

1. It should not be in places that affect the operation and driving of airbags. 
2. No objects that will deform, deteriorate or fracture due to heat (e.g. lighters or high pressure gas tanks). 
3. Please don't use on the instrument table with special coating. Because the instrument panel receives sunlight, it can change its color.

Package Including:
1 * Anti-slip cushion