Cassidy Women's Mid-Calf Boots

Color:  Brown
Size:  US 5/EU 35


Effortless Comfort & Style for Winter!

Say goodbye to cold feet and discomfort this winter with Cassidy Women's Mid-Calf Boots!

Experience warmth, style, and support like never before, ensuring your feet, legs, and spine stay pain-free and aligned. 

Don't settle for ordinary boots when you can have the perfect blend of comfort and fashion!

Step Into Sophisticated Style

Cassidy Women's Mid-Calf Boots are designed with precision and ergonomic technology to provide unmatched comfort and support.

Experience the difference in your winter footwear! The design reduces pressure on your feet, improves spinal alignment, and promotes stability and balance with every step.


✔️ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Precision engineering reduces pressure on your feet, improving spinal alignment and promoting stability and balance while walking.

✔️ PAIN RELIEF: Recommended for conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and bunions, these boots distribute impact, reduce inflammation, and provide support for sore feet.

✔️ COMFORT & STYLE: Stay warm, comfortable, and stylish during winter with Cassidy Women's Mid-Calf Boots, designed to enhance your overall winter fashion while keeping you cozy.

✔️ VERSATILE USAGE: Perfect for everyday wear, these boots correct posture, reduce foot and leg pain, relieve joint pain, and distribute weight evenly for a comfortable walking experience.

✔️ DURABLE & ADAPTABLE: Made from high-quality materials, these boots are malleable, adapting to your foot's curvature to reduce pain and discomfort caused by conventional footwear.

Measurement and Size:

Size Chart
US Size EU Size Heel to toe (inch)
5  35 8.66 - 8.86
5.5 36 8.90 - 9.06
6 37 9.09 - 9.25
6.5 38 9.29 - 9.45
7 39 9.49 - 9.65
7.5 40 9.69 - 9.84
8 41 9.88 - 10.04
8.5 42 10.08 - 10.24
9 43 10.28 - 10.43
9.5 44 10.47 - 10.63
10 45 10.67 - 10.83

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Package Includes:
1 x Cassidy Women's Mid-Calf Boots

Height: 3cm
Weight: 435g
Jump Type: Square