Decision Maker magnetic decision maker indecisive pendulum wooden desk toy gift ornament

Style:  Original wood



Object type: Creative wooden decision maker
Material: wood
Colour: original wood, walnut
Size: 8*4*2in
Set includes: 1 * Creative Decision Maker

About this item

  • A
  • PROBLEM DECIDER: Ask the decision maker a question, then raise the pendulum and let it go. The decision maker will tell you the answer! The pendulum swings back and forth, then mysteriously points to the correct answer. A great gift for a boss or leader and all indecisive people.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The problem decision maker is made with 100% wood. After installing it you just need to swing it left or right and it will tell you the answer. to place anywhere. Suitable for desks, windowsills, offices, etc.

  • HOW TO USE: Provide a meditative focus when you need a break from daily tasks.In the pendulum stand Shake the pendulum in the middle, it will stop at the answer you need. Very simple and effective.
  • Unique Gift: If you are a patient with difficult choices, then this gift is perfect for you. Of course, your family or friends also have the same difficulty in choosing as you. This gift is the most practical and best gift.
  • MULTIPLE CHOICES: WHENEVER YOU NEED MAKE A DECISION: Unsure of what to do? - just ask the Decision Maker Pendulum Magnetic.The pendulum swings in any direction and stops to give the correct answer. Possible answers on this model are: No, Maybe, Why Not, Ask Mom, Yes.


1. Due to manual measurement, please allow slight measurement deviation.