DIY Amazing Metallic paints for family

Type:  01
Style:  1PC


Beautify your paintings, DIY projects and illustrations!

 Artist Quality PaintInfused with shimmering pigments to provide a unique liquid metallic finish.

 12 metallic colors Choose from 12 beautiful and different colors that can be added to your DIY projects. Perfect for paintings, calligraphy, black paper drawings, illustrations, books, coloring books and more.

 Rich and Vibrant Colors Colors have been carefully crafted to provide a bright and shimmering finish, whether used on white or black paper.

 Easy to mix Simple to mix with standard watercolor paints to meet all your artistic needs.

 Safe to useNon-toxic and safe for children.

 Package includes12 different metallic colors in a portable case and a brush.

Imagination is the limit!

Are you one of those people who could paint, draw or create all day long?

Then we completely understand you, because the expression of imagination is wonderful and priceless. Our highly pigmented metallic paints are so pleasing , unique and beautiful .

Simply wet the brush in a small glass of water, take the paint from the palette and start painting ! It's just as easy to use as standard watercolor paints, only much more interesting !

Imagination is the limit! Create amazing paintings and illustrations for family and friends, or simply create to relax after a long day at work. Our metallic paints are fun for the whole family , especially the kids!