Fingertip gyroscope kinetic energy release decompression toy black technology

Style:  A


NOTE: This product requires patience and some familiarity to play.
A quirky and satisfying tabletop stress relief toy that jumps, rolls and drops all at the same time. Flipo jumps create a mesmerizing action that is fun, addictive and. It allows you to take some time to calm down to help you resume your daily life and refocus.
Flipo flips are fun, entertaining and fascinating to discover new and exciting moves.
You can flip it over long distances on a slightly sloped surface. Just tap a gauge or any other stair surface and let the Flipo Flip upgrade roll all the way. so interesting!

【Product name】Flipo flip project dynamic desktop toy
[product shape] square
[Product weight] about 16g
[Product Size] Square 4*4*1.3cm
[product color] star color
[product material] resin

Package contains: 1 Flipo Flip Gems+1 Pu Leather Case