🔥Insulated Portable Heated Lunch Box🍱🚗🏠

Color:  Dark Green
Plug Type:  US


Eat your warm meals anytime,anywhere!

Food heating can even be done in the car! Equipped with dedicated Car Charge!

"This is really nice, especially for long road trips where you want a hot homemade soup or a bowl of rice to eat on the road"

"I watched 2 coworkers with different models sit back at work and have a food fantasy while enjoying their hot meal. I decided it was time to join them"

Electric lunch box(60W)

  • Use the latest upgraded 60W constant temperature heating system to heat your food safely and quickly, which make you enjoy warm & healthier homemade food wherever you are.
  • 3 in 1 Car/Truck and Home Dual Use Electric Lunch Box, perfect for heating meal on cars/trucks, also perfect for home, school, hospital, office or construction sites.

Multifunction Stylish electric lunch box is versatile, as well as functional. Large capacity with a separate fruit box can hold salads. The silicone sealing cover does not leak when the lid is tight, and curry rice, noodles, beef stew, and potato soup can be easily carried.

60W Fast Heating, More Efficient

60W heating speed, heating time shortened by 1/3 compared to the original.

Equipped with PTC constant temperature heating system. It evenly heats food while keeping it moist not dry. Just retain the original flavor and nutrition of the food.

Portable Design

With a portable handle, which easy for carry anywhere.


Improved lid design, adding a leak-proof sealing ring to ensure that liquids such as soup will not leak in the lunch box.

For Car and Home Dual Use

Buddew portable electric lunch box contains 2 plugs: 12V for cars and 110-230V for household use, allowing you to eat hot food anytime, anywhere.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Do we need to add the water for heating?
Answer: No need to add water, we put the food we want to heat it up directly in the stainless steel tray, it heats an entire lunch in about 25-30 minutes.
Question: How hot is outside when plugged in? What is the maximum temperature this will heat food to?
Answer: This electric lunch box has only a slight temperature to the touch after it is plugged in, so it is very safe. Depending on the type of food and its original temperature, the lunch box heats the food to a maximum temperature of approximately 149°F or 65°C. This is hot enough to enjoy any meal.
Question: how long it take for warm?
Answer: If it is used in an office or other indoor occasions or in summer, about 25 minutes is enough. If it is used in a car or truck or in winter, it will take about 30-40 minutes.
Question: How does it feel to use this electric lunch box to heat food on a truck?
Answer: It’s amazing.

Package Contains

  1. Electric Lunch Box (1.5L) x1
  2. Plastic/Stainless Steel Compartment (0.45L) x1
  3. Insulated Carry Bag x1
  4. Car Charge(12V ) x1
  5. Home Use Adapter(110V/220V) x1
  6. Manual x1