LED Lazy Alarm Clock Running Alarm Clock Escape Alarm Clock Multi function Touch Bedroom Creative Gift

Color:  White


Shape: Geometric

Length: 115mm

Feature: Antique Style

Style: Modern

Diameter: 165mm

Display Type: DIGITAL

Motivity Type: Digital

Width: 105mm

Function: Snooze Function

Form: Single Face

Screen Type: LED

Type: Alarm Clocks

Weight: 350g

Material: Plastic


Color: yellow/pink/white/black
Color box size: 16.5*11.5*11cm
Product size: 13*8.5*8.5cm
Product gross weight: 350 grams

Four AAA batteries need to be prepared by yourself.

1. The alarm clock will run all the way forward and be placed in the corner of the bedside table facing out
3. The alarm clock will work on wood floors and most carpets, but we don't recommend using it on rough or very thick carpets.
4. The alarm clock will run in different directions for about 30 seconds until it finds a place to rest. The backlight flashes when the alarm is moving and when the alarm is sounding.
5. Sometimes, when the alarm clock hits the wall, it spins.
6. After the run, the alarm will continue beeping for 9 minutes, or until you wake up to turn off the alarm.
7. The language of the alarm clock, combined with the beeps of a normal alarm clock
8. Find the alarm clock and put it back on your nightstand, don't let him on the floor.
9. When checking the time at night, you can press any key to activate the backlight for 3 seconds.
10. During low battery warning, the clock will flash in advance. Warns you that it's time to change the battery.