"Peek-a-boo" Cat Cave

Color:  Pink
Size:  50cm*50cm*20cm


The Most Fun & Versatile Cat Cave You Can Buy For Your Pets

The 3-in-1 Cat Cave Guaranteed To Satisfy Your Cat's Interest 

  • Combines a cat cave, tunnel and bed into one fun and versatile design
  • The inside is large enough for adult cats to tunnel in, hide out or snooze the day away
  • Provide insulating warmth and deliver great sound absorption to dampen noise for easily startled pets.
  • A donut-shape bed on top for kitties that love curling up
  • Durable & scratch-resistant felt
  • Set up in seconds with high-quality zipper
  • The most space-saving cat tunnel bed on the market - suitable for condos or apartments
    or for homes that just need a bit more space.