Stainless steel survival line saw Steel cable saw Pocket saw

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Wire wire saw, made of all steel wire! The puller is able to rotate 360 degrees, which is much more flexible than the old one that can't be advertised, and it is better to send force. Do not underestimate the thin wire, its cutting ability is very strong, in addition to metal, it can cut any object quickly and labor-saving!

Usage: Just pull the saw apart with your hand and rub it back and forth on the cutting object in seconds! Don't use the kind of saw that comes with your Swiss Army knife, it's slow and laborious!

A wire saw is an important item in a survival backpack. A wire saw can cut through very thick trees, and it doesn't take up any space in your backpack at all, it's almost negligible.

The wire saw is an important item in the survival backpack, the wire saw has very fine teeth, when using it, you must be careful of the wire saw rust will make its teeth blunt, after each use should be wiped clean and coated with moist food oil.

It can cut wood, plastic from any direction.

Product Name】Stainless steel survival line saw Steel cable saw Pocket saw

Product specifications】Saw line length of about 73CM

Product Material】High quality stainless steel

Product features]

Good quality, sharp saw mouth, small size, light weight, easy to carry, is a good tool for wilderness survival. Can saw wood, plastic, bone, rubber, soft metal and other materials.

Wire saw, also known as pocket saw, is an important item in the camping equipment, the choice of high-quality high-strength stretching stainless steel wire made. It is made of fine steel wire wrapped around thicker wire to form a silk-wrapped saw teeth, and then four strands of wire wrapped around the wire to make the saw blade, with sharp teeth and smooth not to hurt the hand. Can be sawed from any direction branches, wood, plastic, rubber, bone, soft metal, etc., easy to operate, easy to carry, does not hurt the hands and clothing, long service life. Selected stainless steel materials, no special maintenance, wipe clean and keep dry after use.

How to use

※ Put your thumbs into the pull ring on both sides, stretch the body of the saw to make it taut, and move the saw back and forth gently.

※ One-handed use: first cut a thumb-thin, about 10CM longer than the body of the saw branch, make a cut at each end of the branch, insert the pull ring into one end of the cut, bend the branch, insert the other pull ring into the other cut, you can make a bow-shaped hand saw