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Welcome to celay.shop online store, which aims to provide fashionable goods and best service to European and American consumers. Our product categories are mainly clothing and jewelry, covering auto parts, gifts, tools, digital products, home decoration and other product lines

. We are committed to providing you with the best and wide variety of products with the highest quality, we have dedicated staff and strategic partners, guaranteed to meet their needs and keep them satisfied! They help us research and create products that bring the most value to our customers. We always pay attention to the latest trends of such products and keep improving our products to meet customers' wishes first. Our mission is to provide customers with the best experience in terms of product quality and service quality. The interests of our customers are always our top priority, so we want you to enjoy our products as much as we do.

Since the establishment of celay.shop in June 2020, we have sold many excellent products online. In 2 years, we have provided many excellent products to customers all over the world.

Brand Development

In June 2020, the celay brand was established.

In June 2021, 14,000 customers were served.

In February 2022, the number of products exceeds 16,000 pieces.

We always do our best to provide customers with a good online shopping experience, not only to ensure a smooth purchase process, but also to ensure good after-sales service. Please don't hesitate to contact us, give us comments, feedback, suggestions or even criticism.

If we can't do it well the first time, we hope that the customer will supervise us to improve it in the subsequent process. Especially product quality and service quality, we will listen to your suggestions to better improve

We stick to our original intention and focus on the long-term. We will continue to enrich our products, continue to control product quality, and achieve customer satisfaction.


CEO - Elvis Lee

Thanks for stopping by - please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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