🔥SUMMER HOT SALE - Flexible Fan Dusting Brush (Non-disassembly Cleaning)

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👍EFFECTIVE CLEANING DUSTER - No more disassembly hassles when you need to clean your electric fan, our microfiber duster cleaner comes with a newly designed bendable rod that won't rust, and the microfiber bristles will pick up dust in the crevices for amazing cleaning results.

👍BENDABLE DUSTING BRUSH - The microfiber duster can be bent at any angle for dusting in corners and tricky areas, it's easy to clean hard to reach places. This microfiber chicken feather duster is wonderful for cleaning crevices in fans, air conditioners, backs of TVs, etc.

👍 Features of Microfiber Dust Collector - The soft bristles can protect your furniture without harming the surface, and the fiber splitting technology can effectively absorb dust without raising annoying dust!

👍EASY TO USE- Easy to use for men, women or kids, it's a more time-saving tool.

Size: 43cm

Weight: 45g


 1* Fan Dusting Brush