360 Degree Rotating High-Pressure Turbo Nozzle

Color:  Black
Style:  3000psi


With 360° scrubbing effect to the cleaning process.

A good nozzle attachment for cleaning large amounts of dirt, and heavily soiled walls, and more. The cleaning time is shortened and the area is enlarged, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency.

Main Features

  • [High-Efficiency Cleaning] This Turbo nozzle creates a 360° rotational jet, which provides faster cleaning efficiency and a large spray area than standard adjustable spray nozzles.  Saving your power and effort, really a good helper for your job.

  • [Time Saver] 360° Rotating High-Pressure Turbo Nozzle has a spray pattern that will cover an area of 4 to 8 inches widening that creates a powerful and fast water jet, It can save more time cleaning than traditional pressure washer spray nozzle tips.

  • [Multi Pressure Power] This rotating high turbine nozzle has multiple pressure options: 3000PSI  Enable to connect with most brands High-pressure washer, pressure hose, high-pressure washer rod.

  • [Quick Connect] Made of high-quality ceramic core, copper, and engineering plastics, wear-resistant and durable. Suitable for cleaning roads, industrial equipment, car tires, and watering flowers.


Using Methods



  • aluminum
Product Weight
  • 277G
Product Size
(L x W x H)
  • 6 × 6 × 11cm / 2.4 × 2.4 × 4.3inches
Package Contents
  • 360 Degree Rotating High-Pressure Turbo Nozzle × 1
  • Black/Blue
  • 3000psi
Connector Caliber
  • 1/4"
Water Temperature
  • up to 140 °F