Crochet Hooks Set, , Ergonomic Counting Crochet Hook Set with LED Digital Crochet Set for Crocheting and Knitting

Size:  1SET


crochet hooks Using metal crochet hooks, reusable, more durable than plastic crochet hooks, have a longer life as well as will not hurt the wool, you will get 12 replaceable crochet hooks.

[ Lighted Crochet Hook Set ] Crochet needle kit with Led light, and has 3 button switch. Press the‘☀’ button LED light up, press the‘S' button for each stitch to increase stitch count, and hold the ‘S’ button to decrease stitch count. Repeat the steps above to the 'R' button to change the row count. The display count allows you to knit more easily.

[ USB Rechargeable Crochet Set ] The crochet hook set has a built-in lithium battery, which can be recharged and reused. After being fully charged for 15 minutes, the battery can last for 7-9 hours, Light up crochet hooks are only 0.7oz, Lightweight and Ergonomic, Just click the Light Switch on the handle crochet needle set will light up, and you can knit in the dark, and it can protect your eyes well. Crochet hooks contains , Crochet needle come in all sizes, And equipped with a wrench easy to use, will not cause crochet hook drop, and is easy to remove. The metal head is durable, very strong, and can be used for a long time.