Carrot Cat Holder Cat Claw Holder

Style:  Large fleece


Carrot Cat Holder Cat Claw Holder

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Natural Sisal: This carrot scratching post for cats is covered with rough natural sisal rope, very durable, and cats like to scratch natural materials such as sisal. The bottom plate of our cat carrot scratching post uses a density board, which has a certain weight, which effectively improves its stability. When your cat is playing, this can reduce the situation of leaning or shaking and keep the cat safe.

Unique Carrot Shape: We have made the sisal cat scratch in a unique carrot shape, and there are two spring-loaded carrot toys on the base, which will make the baby carrots move when the cat is scratching, to the cats like things shaking. The leaves are also realistic. Therefore, it is not only a cat scratching post, but also a great house decoration.
Healthy Scratching: The cat scratching post is used primarily for 2 reasons: to remove the dead outer coat from its claws and to flex its feet and claws. Scratching is a normal and instinctive behavior. And really great for your cat's health, get your cat to scratch on acceptable objects, like a scratching post

Very easy to assemble: The creative cat scratching post consists of 1 carrot climbing post, 1 scratching pad base and several screws, in minutes easy to install together or disassemble. Our upgraded natural woven sisal rugs are more durable, long lasting and less waste than regular rugs and will withstand the sharpest claws of your vigorous friends for a long time to come.