Devil Fish Press Forward Hydrodynamic Force Sandy Beach Swimming Pool Game Props parent-child Interaction

Quantity:  1PC



  • 1.🐟【Hydrodynamic!】The devil fish toy is driven by water pressure and does not require batteries! Press it into the water, and then let go of your hands, it will move forward and swim by itself!
  • 2.🐟【Adjustable!】The swim fish toy can adjust the mode by opening/closing the wings! Modes include: long-lasting swimming/turning in the water/turning left/turning right!
  • 3.🐟【Good texture!】The swimming pool fish toy is made of EVA and PC. It is safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, anti-aging, strong and durable!
  • 4.🐟【Swim up!】The deeper the underwater fish toy enters the water, the farther it will swim! It can move up to 4.5m downstream! Let children understand the principle of buoyancy while playing!
  • 5.🐟【So interesting!】Perfect children water fish toy in summer, suitable for parent-child interaction, can play in various environments, seaside/pool/hot spring/water park!