GameSir X1 FPS Dock Mouse and Keyboard Converter Mobile FPS Game Controller for iPhone Android Smartphone Tablet

Colour:  silver
Capacity:  5200 ma
Size:  With Bluetooth audio


Bluetooth Connection: GameSir X1 FPS Dock for all FPS Games This is the update version for X1. Download GameSir World or Happy Chick. GameSir X1 FPS Dock features Bluetooth 4.0 technology that makes gaming smoother and more smooth.
Special design for FPS games: 100% PC gaming experience on smart phones. With the GameSir X1 FPS Dock, you can use your own keyboards and mouse to control mobile games, bring your weapons to the new battlefield.
Game support: Compatible with Android or iOS phone over wireless delay. Supports most FPS games and fighting royal games such as FT, PB, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Dead trigger2, Modern Combat 5 and more. Do not need an additional envelope.
Shooting Improvement Technique: The GameSir X1 FPS Dock makes a significant improvement in shot: better quick targeting, tap friing, and splash technique that gives you the freedom to win the game and you no longer have to worry about bad control on the screen.
Large Battery Capacity: 3000mAh ultra-long battery life helps you fight for all day. Never give up an unfinished game to give you a long time gaming experience.

Important note:
GameSir X1 FPS Dock asks you to install the FPS Dock app and the games provided by GamaeSir.

GameSir X1 FPS Dock
This FPS Dock is specifically designed to enhance your unpredictable PC gaming experience of keyboard and mouse on your smartphone over a wireless connection.

Additional Features:

PC Gaming Experience to Mobile - Ready for: rules of survival, knives more.
Connect keyboard and mouse to your smartphone to experience 100% PC gaming experience
The GameSir X1 FPS Dock supports any type of membrane, mechanical keyboard, one-hand keyboard and any type of wired mouse or 2.4GHz wireless dongle mouse.

Improve your marksmanship remarkable – according to the shooting results in the test group,
The use of the GameSir X1 FPS Dock makes a significant improvement in recording: better quick targets, tap-firing and splash technique.
The average killing rate of tested players rises by up to 37% higher than before.
Now is the time to turn most enemies into Swiss cheese.

Box contents:
1 x GameSir X1 FPS Dock
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual