Hot Melt Water stop pinfor Repair Tools Universal Waterstop Accessories Stainless Steel Hexagon Tube Water Stoping for Plugging

Type:  1SET(with pull screw)



  • 【Application】It is widely used for indoor concrete slab cracks, through wall pipes, wall corners, tunnels and other water leaks, with water stop function.


  • 【Function】When the water is flowing, it is difficult to repair the water pipe by hot melting, and it is easier to water stop by using the hot melting water stop pinfor.
  • 【Reusable】The water stop plug is durable, firm and reusable.
  • 【Material】The hot melt water pipe water stop pinfor is made of solid metal stainless steel, which is resistant to high pressure and stable. It can completely enter the concrete structure and has good water stop effect.
  • 【Performance】The water stop tool easy to use during construction. The construction is fast and It is available at any time, regardless of season or weather, and can be used for various works, including maintenance works and drinking water.




  • Material: stainless steel