🎁 Invisible Fluffy Hair Clip

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Color:  BROWN
Style:  Fluffy Clip
Qua:  BUY 1 GET 1 FREE


Low hair volume and flat, collapsed hairstyles that don't look good?

Chopped hair in front of the forehead/long fringes that you want to pin-up?

Don't worry, this artifact will help you pad your hair and make it look voluminous and fluffy.

Main Features

  • ♀ Fluffs Up Your Front Hair!
    It makes the hair look fuller by matting it and giving it a fuller look.

  • ♀ Invisible & Natural
    Available in black and brown, they are perfectly suited to the natural hair color and can be hidden in the hair to create a natural look.

  • ♀ Easy To Wear
    Simple and easy to use, simply inserted into the hair and ready to use, and stable without falling out.

  • ♀ Handy Bangs Hair Clip
    This hair clip also secures bangs and chopped hair that grows longer in front of the forehead, preventing it from blocking the eyes.

Using Methods


Product Weight
  • 7g
Product Size
(L x W x H)
  • 8 × 7 × 2cm / 3.1 × 2.7 × 0.8inches
  • Black, Brown

Customer questions & answers

Q:Which one does the blonde choose?

A:Blondes can use BROWN, which also blends in with real hair and looks real, just like their own, giving your hair a voluminous look and adding volume.

Q:How many centimeters does this hair clip make the hair look taller?

A:Voluminous bun: 2.5cm high bun makes your hair 3-4cm high; full volume wig can create a fluffy and charming voluminous feeling for your hair; strong three-dimensional sense, no collapse, not easy to deformation; perfect for women and girls.

Q:What kind of hairstyle does this hair clip work for?

A:Wide range of applications: Our voluminous wig pads are practical tools for women and girls with long or short hair, curly hair, ponytails, woven hair, etc. They are suitable for weddings, parties, salons and everyday needs.

Q:What material is this hairpin made of? Will it snag on the hair?

A:High quality and reliable material: these hair styling inserts are made of high quality sponge and plastic, light weight, no burden to your head, no need for additional aids, the fluffy hair comb clips will be firmly fixed in your hair.