Jellyfish Light Color Changing LED Fiber Optic Light Restaurant Clear Bar Ambiance Pendant Outdoor Waterproof Decoration

Style:  A01


Product description


A01 (seven-colour synchronised colour changing),
A02 (seven-colour unsynchronised colour changing),
20W+15 (20w rainproof power supply with 15 lights)
50W+40(50w rainproof power supply with 40 lights)
100W+80(100w rainproof power supply with 80 lamps)

Housing material: plastic
Size: 15/20CM
Cable length 1/1.5m
Power: 11w (W)
Input voltage: ≤36(V)
Dimmable: No
Protection level: IP65

Product Details

Upgraded LED light source No strobe and no glare

Original high brightness energy saving LED chip
High brightness, low heat generation
Imported optical fiber with
80% increase in colour rendering with imported original chips to extend the life span by 2-3 years

High density black waterproof cable
No fear of wind, sun and rain
IP65 waterproof grade
Light fiber material
No discolouration, no deformation
Strong anti-ageing ability