Porcelain Chinese Gongfu Tea Set

Color:  Floral White



Due to feedback from multiple customers, we have found that some of them were not aware that our product is Non-DISWASHER SAFE, Non-MICROWAVE SAFE!!!. Using a dishwasher or microwave may cause the surface coating to peel off. To ensure the best experience for our customers, please refrain from using a dishwasher or microwave to clean or heat our products.

Distinctive Design

Tired of "just brewing and pouring" your lovely tea in the same way? Let's try this unique rotatable Chinese tea set and find out extra leisure from it. Unlike common teapot set in the market, this rotatable teapot set defines a new look of kungfu tea, hold the handle and spin it, as a lazy tea set, you don't have to take the strainer out, enjoy a mixed spiritual sense of kungfu and tea, a different experience will presented in your tea time with friends.

Outstanding Exterior

The floral white style is a common Chinese traditional pattern on ceramic, which stands for dignity and joy. Pure white base and blue floral pattern compose a conjunction of simple but elegant feeling, the pattern is designed with lines which shows oriental aesthetics, adding an exotic beauty into this set.

Multiple Use& Perfect Gift Cup Set

Suitable for brewing different kinds of tea, like black tea, Pu-er, Oolong, Green Tea, and even tea bag. Ideal gifts for tea cravers, household use, office, party, travel, hiking and restaurant use. A great choice for birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father's Day, Housewarming to gift your friends, family and loved one.

Integrative Structure

Think as a magician, never know what is inside the box, but always a surprise,a hidden strainer made of 304 stainless steel is placed at the bottom of inner pot, apart from most tea sets, the integrative design of teapot and strainer simplifies processes in brewing and cleaning, you can spend more time on enjoying your tea or chatting with your friends.

Greeting from the East

At the bottom of outer pot, embossed with traditional Chinese character “福”,which symbolizes Luck and Fortune.Chinese people are used to put “福”upside down during New Year. When you flip this teapot,it means Luck and Fortune has arrived at your home,and gives you the best wish for the whole year.The pattern is inspired from ancient Chinese calligraphy skill,added historical elements into this tea set,with a silent greeting from the East.

Safety Design

Ingenious spout design with an adequate size and angle, ensures a fluent water flow without any spillage. The ergonomic design of wood-like handle not only offers an accomodate experience of brewing your tea, aviod risk of hot water spillage, but also reinforces a historical sense to the integral design.

The Bamboo Tray

A simple piece of bamboo tray,composed by bamboo plate and plastic tray, common but useful, it is used for carrying overflow of water or water discarded during the process of brewing, and can be used as a display stand for this tea set. Instead of wood, we uses bamboo to making positive effort on earth.