PVC 360-Degree Painted Finish Water Filter Tap

Color:  Pink
Qty:  2PCS(buy 1 get 1 free)


Filter Water Faucet for Kitchen Sink Accessories Tap Filter Shower Head Extender

Sink filter water faucet provides pure, fresh and filtered water.Its faucet filter for kitchen sink flawless rust resistant finish will not fade over time. This drinking water softener shower head is available also in stainless steel to prevent water spots and fingerprints. Excellent corrosion resistance, durable splash filter faucet is spread on head shower extension can rotate 360 °It is easy to adjust the angle of shower head extension. Super easy to install to any tap in your Home, Office.

Wide range of applications

  • You can adjust the tightness freely. You can adjust the size according to the faucet size.

Easy to install

  • Uniform Size of Filtering Holes Can be at Ease to Use, Don't Have to Worry About Splash.

adjust the tightness freely

  • Suitable for all kinds of old and new faucets.
  • For the old faucet simply insert the product into the faucet outlet can be used, do not have to change the leading.