Screw Hole Locator No Measuring Screw Fastener Drilling Locations On Walls Cabinets With Tool Set

Style:  1SET



Measurement-free locator screw screw hole drilling with level

color: red

Material: metal plastic

Product size: 7*5*3cm

Packing method: box packing

Weight: about 100g


2*Hole Marking Tool

2*Black Ink Cap

2*White Ink Cap

1*Mini Bubble Level

12*Sticky Tape

1*Storage Rack

1*Brackets For Levels And Strips


【Quick And Easy Installing Objects】With Keyhole Slots - Accurately mark fastener locations for keyhole slots without measuring or generating templates.

【Keyhole Slots for Most Styles】Suitable for all keyhole slot materials and most keyhole slot configurations

【Marks Virtually Any Surface】 Comes with long-lasting black and white ink to mark both light and dark surfaces. Suitable for hard, soft, smooth and rough/textured surfaces. Use denatured alcohol to remove imprints.

【Recycling self-priming marker pen】When the tool is mounted on the object, the ink will automatically transfer from the ink container in the cap to the marker board. The cap holds ample anti-dry ink and can be reused. Recessed marker boards keep the surface clean when positioning objects until you are ready to mark the location.

【Package Includes】2* Hole Marking Tool, 2*Black Ink Cap, 2*White Ink Cap, 1*Mini Bubble Level, 12*Sticky Tape, 1*Storage Rack, 1*Brackets For Levels And Strips

Package Included:

1*No Measuring Screw Hole Locator