Tufting Gun tool cordless handheld hoover 120W 20000pa high power mini car hoover

Color:  White


Product Information

[Material]: plastic


[Size]: 25.5*17*7.5cm

[USB cable length]: about 1m

[Product Accessories]: 1pcs suction tube, 1pcs brush, 1pcs manual, 1pcs USB charging cable, 1pcs main unit, 1pcs carpet brush

Instructions for use

1、Check if the charge is sufficient

2, the switch can be turned on

3, according to different use occasions to replace different nozzle use

4、This product is a wet and dry hoover, when sucking water should pay attention to open the front cover in time to drain

5、Rechargeable battery USB display is red for normal charging, green for full

6、Charging time is about 3-4 hours, full can be used for about 20 minutes


1、Be sure to install the filter when using

2, do not use in direct sunlight, do not use in high temperature and high pressure places

3, do not use gasoline or volatile detergent to wipe the body

4、Do not take off the front case when the motor is rotating

5、This product is a car tool, children are not allowed to use it alone to avoid danger

6、When absorbing moisture, pay attention to the height of water in the front cover

7、When removing foreign objects from the gap, please put on the duckbill straw.

8、Under normal conditions, it can be used for half an hour, and has no effect on the car battery.

9、When you have finished using the product, please turn off the switch, *Remove the foreign objects from the mesh bag, press the fastening buckle, then pour off the foreign objects

10. To make the hoover more effective, the filter bag needs to be cleaned regularly *When the hoover is not in use, the power cord can be rolled up and stored

11. Follow the instructions when servicing the product and keep the filter part clean at all times.

12. This product is not a toy and should not be played with by children alone to avoid danger. The product should also be kept in a dry place.

Please do not allow children to play with this product alone, it is not a toy. Please do not suck foreign objects that are burning, such as unextinguished cigarette butts, etc. Do not turn on the car when operating the hoover.