Woodworking Mini Gap Gauge

Shape:  T2 standard
Quantity:  1PC



1, This Woodworking Gaps Gauge can precisely determine the joint sizes without fussy measuring and improve work efficiency.
2, It can be quickly gauging either the thickness of the material or inside dimension of a joint, the opposite end of the Gaps Gauge is perfectly set to the required size for the other half of the joint.
3, The saw gap measurement adjustment tool is manually adjusted, which can adjust the appropriate tightness, which is more convenient to use.
4, The gap gauges is made of aluminum alloy material, durable and compact. Do not worry about the ruler will oxidize and rust.
5, Simply put one end of the woodworking ruler into the gap, slide the woodworking ruler to fill the gap, and then tighten the knob to accurately read the length of the gap. Both inside and outside diameters can be measured.
6, The measuring range is 0-35mm(0-1/2in), which can almost meet your all requirement.


Suit for many kinds of woodworking tools. Whether table saw, bevel saw, cantilever saw, push saw, engraving table or other tools to cut slots, it can be used to adjust the required slot size.


Item Type: Depth Measuring Ruler Woodworking Mini Gaps Gauge
Material: Aluminum alloy
Uses: Household
Color: Red

Package List:Saw Slot Adjuster

1 x Depth Measuring Ruler Woodworking